Multiplying Disciples and Churches in
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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Make Mexico a Disciple of Christ

Mexico is a country steeped in religious tradition mixed with Spiritism, paganism and occult practices that have been around for centuries.  The people of Mexico are unaware of the eternal danger they face for looking to false gods and prophets for the salvation of their souls.  For this reason, God has called Phi and Jami to Mexico, to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all Mexico.

According to 2010 religious demographics of Mexico, Mexico has a population of about 104,375.000. Of these, 82.7% are Roman Catholic, 1.6% are Pentecostal, 1.4% Jehovah’s Witnesses, 5% other Evangelical churches, 1.9% other, 4.7% none, and 2.7% unspecified.

It is estimated that there are 62 indigenous groups in Mexico, which accounts for 11% of the population, which is about 12,000,000 people. Most of the people in those indigenous groups have their own religious practices that include occultism, Spiritism, and worship of the “holy death”. Many of these practices have been adopted by the Roman Catholic Church and forced on their parishioners.

God has called my wife, Jami, and me to a God sized task, to make all of Mexico a disciple of Christ.  We have been serving here since August of 2015 and have experienced many challenges and obstacles from the Roman Catholic Church and some Evangelical Churches, here. Many religious denominations and organizations have declared that Mexico has been evangelized. However, in the past two years, the we have discovered this declaration to be incorrect, and have a lot of work to do. We desperately need your prayers. Please put us on your personal and church prayer lists.

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To start disciple and church planting movements that will rapidly spread across Mexico 

So, how can ALL of Mexico hear the The Good News of Christ and become a disciple of Christ?  All of Mexico can hear The Good News of Christ by making new disciples of Christ and training them, along with existing disciples and churches, in rapid multiplication process.  

Below is a description of what this process would look like:

-  A disciple making movement is a process by which we take new believers, train them to be true, rapidly multiplying, disciples of Christ through a simple, free, and reproducible Bible study method that can be used by anyone, anywhere. 

-  A church planting movement is a rapid multiplication of house churches that are produced by the disciple making process. 

What it takes to start Church Planting Movements:

1.  Partner with a local church to prayer walk in strategically chosen areas where there is no evangelical work.

2.  Find persons of peace, in those areas, who will invite them into their homes, or other chosen location, to study the Bible.

3.  Train them to share their salvation story and the story of what Christ did for them with the persons of peace.

4. Lead people to Christ and baptize them as soon as possible.

5.  Train the new disciples to immediately go and share the Gospel with their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and schoolmates. 

6.  Only they know their friends and neighbors; who better then to reach them for Christ?

Do you think you would be interested in helping Phil and Jami start church planting movements across Mexico?  Ask the Lord how He might be able to use you to accomplish His will in Mexico.