Multiplying Disciples and Churches in
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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This is me and two of my friends, Milagros and Carlos. They are cousins whose families live in a one room cinder block house with no bathroom, no running water and no indoor kitchen. Their bathroom is an out-house and their kitchen is outside covered with a clear, plastic, tarp full of holes.  The stove is an adobe stove on which they cook with wood.  

Although La Polvora has no running, potable water, drinking water is available to them in 5 gallon plastic bottles they have to buy at their local stores.  However, these bottles are expensive and sometimes, two or three families have to split the cost of one bottle to split among the families.  Sodas and other soft-drinks are available and much cheaper, so that's thier main drink.  

There are many other children living in these same, or worse, living conditions. Please pray for them as we try to reach them and their families for Christ, their only hope. Thank you.