Multiplying Disciples and Churches in
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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Phil and Jami

Pictured are Philip (Phil) Covone and his wife, Jami.  Phil is the founder of the Philip G. Covone Evangelistic Association non-profit organization.  He is a church planter and the founding pastor of Iglesia Bautista Luz y Verdad (Light and Truth Baptist Church), a Hispanic church in Stockbridge, Georgia.

In August of 2015, Phil and Jami moved to Mexico in obedience to God's call  to be full-time missionaries in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and they need need your help.  Even though they have experienced many challenges and obstacles, their work has been very fruitful.  Even if you can't physically be on the mission field with them, there is a way for you to be on mission with them. You can pray for them daily, and  financially support them.  So, would you prayerfully consider financially supporting Phil and Jami, each month, to help keep them stay on the mission field and accomplish God's will for their lives?

Please read their bios and look through the rest of the website with an open mind and an open heart, and see if the Lord can use you to help Phil and Jami share the Good News Gospel of Christ across Mexico.  


About Phil

Phil is the son of Patrick and Imogene Covone who were missionaries to the Huasteca Indian Region in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, for thirty five years.  His father, Pat, is now in heaven with our Lord, and his mother is retired and living in Florida.  Phil spent the first twenty one years of his life in Mexico where he learned to read, write and speak the Spanish language fluently and learned the Mexican culture. 

Although Phil grew up in a loving, Christian home, he did not surrender his life to God's will until September 18, 1997 at Open Door Baptist Church in Walhalla, South Carolina.  In the summer of 1998, Phil went on a mission trip with Open Door Baptist Church to Jonestown, Mississippi.  On the way home, Phil heard God's call to ministry.  Shortly after that, he became the Hispanic Sunday School teacher for Open Door Baptist Church. 

In 2001, Phil moved to McDonough, Georgia where he began attending a local church and met his wife Jami.  They were married in 2003, and immediately after that they began a Hispanic Sunday School class at Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church.  On November 20th, 2005, Phil and Jami launched Iglesia Bautista Luz y Verdad (Light and Truth Baptist Church) in Stockbridge, Georgia.  Since then, they have been on several mission trips to the Domincan Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico, where Phil was able to preach and share the Gospel with many people.

In October 2012, Phil was invited to go to the city of San Luis Potosi, Mexico for a week of preaching revivals at several different mission churches, and at the end of the week he preached the message for the 27th anniversary of the mother church, Iglesia Bautista El Buen Samaritano (The Good Samaritan Baptist Church).  Though Jami was not able to travel to Mexico with Phil in 2012, she was able to travel with him twice in 2013, when Phil was invited back.

When Phil and Jami went to Mexico in 2013, God opened Phil's eyes to something that he had never seen before.  For years, when he would think of Mexico he would think of it as it was while he was growing up there, as if he had never left.  But now the Lord allowed Phil to see the prevailing spiritual darkness that has overtaken, not just the city of San Luis Potosi, but the state and the entire country.  His heart broke and his spirit wept.  On the way back to the United States, Phil and Jami knew that God was calling them to go back to Mexico as full-time missionaries.

Phil and Jami have sold all their possessions and are in the process of paying off all their debt so that they can be free to go to the city of San Luis Potosi, in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  They are also in the process of raising monthly financial support and start-up capital so that they can begin their work immediately after their arrival.   Please, don't close your heart or your mind, just yet.

About Jami

Jami grew up in Georgia with loving parents, and gave her life to Christ at the age of 16. Soon after, God called her to a long time career in education.  She has enjoyed teaching children and teens, as well as teaching Hispanic adults English as a second language.  Working with Phil in leading Iglesia Bautista Luz y Verdad, the Hispanic church they planted in Stockbridge in 2005, has been a great experience.  It has given Jami years of opportunity to learn the Hispanic culture, the Spanish language, and a special connection and love for this people group, more specifically Mexicans.

In recent years, Jami has experienced an increasing burden for people without Jesus in their lives.  In particular, she has a burden for Mexicans since many participate in rituals and trust their traditions as a passage to eternal life.  Too often, the real truth of John 14:6, Jesus is the way, is not told to these people since they have a "religion" already.  They need to know Jesus personally.

Hispanic church ministry has been Jami's continual reminder of God's power in transforming lives through salvation.  Many have come to Christ at Luz y Verdad over the years.  God used this to pave the way for His call to full-time missions in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  God's call was clear, and after the sale of their house and possessions, God provided the Oasis House at Eagle's Landing First Baptist to live in while the Covones make preparations to leave in July of 2015.  God is bringing a new stage into Jami's life and ministry, as she leaves teaching students and moves to Mexico to share the love of Christ with the people there.